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Website Designing

What is responsive website?
Responsive web design get adjusted on a variety of devices (like mobile, tab, desktop, etc.) and window or screen sizes, so the user gets good viewing experience.
Why responsive website must?
Now more than 60% people view a website on mobile & other devices so if your website is non responsive your visitor frustrate in scrolling to see your website.
How some company offers free / cheap website design?
They provide a free theme base website (less attractive, less features). Even they give same design and content to many customers. They try to keep hosting & email service with them and try to generate more money from that. They keep all rights with them so you can't easily leave them.
What is CMS website and there use?
CMS (content Management System) provides an interface and administration tools that help users with little knowledge of web designing, programming languages or markup languages create and manage website content. User with practice can add content, pictures, update or remove content from the website.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is free, open source & one type of CMS. One type of template system. It's a popular tool for creating any kind of website; from a simple blog to a full-featured business website.
Can you update our existing website?
Yes, we can update or maintain your existing website if you have login information.
Can i able to update my website as my own?
Yes, if you know html coding and your site is HTML base and if your site is CMS base, then you can access your web content through administrative area and make the changes.
How much website design cost?
Depend on number of pages, static or dynamic work needed. Static website normally cost less because not required much programming work. Dynamic website cost more depend on features or facility you want in your website for example online selling.

Web Hosting

What is web hosting and why required?
Under web hosting company providing storage space and access to your websites. The space where you can upload your website content and same will be visible when someone type your website name.
How to select web hosting company?
First decide what your requirement for that take help of your web designer because he know what is required to host your website. Then accordingly check various company hosting packages. Check below things before you go.
1. How much space they provide or packages they offer and pricing
2. Right amount of bandwidth
3. Company terms & condition, upgradation policy, 1st year pricing and pricing from second year
4. Backup Plan & security and other features
5. After sale support
6. Check online review about company services
What is bandwidth?
Website hosting bandwidth describes the rate at which data can be transferred between a website and computers connected to it within a specific time. The higher the bandwidth, the better the speed, network, connectivity.
How to select web hosting plan / package?
Helpful tips to choose a web hosting plan.
1. Depend on web space requirement. If you have a small business and static html website then shared hosting can work and comes in budget. If you have bigger site and expect more traffic, using database and WordPress then think about dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.
2. Security requirement & backup plan of hosting company
3. Flexibility: Check whether hosting plan be upgraded easily to a better plan in the future? Cost for upgradation?
How much website hosting cost?
It's depends on your requirement. For small website with limited bandwidth shared hosting comes cheaper. Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting cost more. Check different companies hosting plan on the respective websites.
Can i upgrade existing website hosting plan?
Yes. We offer change / upgrade in hosting plan.
Can i shift web hosting to your company?
Yes, you can. You need to book hosting space with us and need to upload your website on that. Later you need to update the record in the Domain control panel.
Can i shift web hosting from you to somewhere else?
Yes. You can activate your website somewhere else & we can change the server path if domain with us or you can directly change the path if you have a domain control with you.
How Some company offer free or cheap web hosting packages & why to avoid?
Some provide you free hosting for the 1st year and for 2nd year they charge more. Few companies offer free or cheap hosting with limited space & bandwidth, no support, no backup plan, no security or few put advertisement on your website and few host site on subdomain like yoursitename.dzigner.com.
You need to avoid free or cheap hosting because lack of security & support and showing ad looks unprofessional.

Business Email / Email Hosting

What is business email / email hosting and why required?
Under business email package company providing personalized email for your websites. You can provide emails to your staff with personal name like employee@yourdomain.com. This looks more professional when corresponding with your clients.
How to select business email company?
1. How much space they provide or packages they offer and pricing
2. Company terms & condition, upgradation policy, 1st year pricing and pricing from second year
3. Backup Plan & security and other features
4. After sale support
5. Check online review about company services
How to select email hosting plan / package?
Helpful tips to choose business email Plan
1. Space required for each email id.
2. Security, features requirement & backup plan.
3. Flexibility: Check whether the business email plan be upgraded easily to a better plan in the future? Cost for upgradation?
How much business email cost?
Depend on your requirement. Standard business email with limited space (or shared hosting space) cost less. Enterpirse email with high end features with more space cost you more.
Can i upgrade existing business email plan?
Yes. We offer change / upgrade in email plan.
Can i shift email service to your company?
Yes, you can. You need to book business email plan with us. Later you need to update the record in the Domain control panel.
Can i shift company emails from you to somewhere else?
Yes. You can activate your company emails somewhere else & we can change the path if domain with us or you can directly change the path if you have a domain control with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization and why so important?
SEO will help to increase Search Engine Results in a top Search engine like google, bing, etc., and you will get more visitors can be converted into customers. SEO helps to get organic traffic.
How much time it take for my website to get on the first page of Google?
SEO is a strategy which takes time and is an on-going process. Lots of things search engines take into concern when ranking websites like your site design, navigation, unique content, backlinks, etc. Our strategy will help you to rank in Google in the first 3 months of service.
Should I start SEO before or after my website is built?
We highly recommend that SEO is implemented during the creation of your website. It is might easier to build SEO into your website during the creation phase. You don’t want Google to see an un-optimized version of your website the first time it crawls your website.

Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing

How much does digital marketing cost?
Each client’s campaign is evaluated individually based off their goals, needs and ability. Your campaign objectives may be not sale, but getting new leads, increasing email subscriptions, or even boosting customer satisfaction. So you get back what you put in.
What type of social media marketing best for my company?
This one depends on your audience. The best way to find out what type of content converts most effectively for you is to test, tweak, and test again until you find the right fit.
How much time it take to start seeing results from digital marketing?
This depends on variables such as the time and effort you’re putting into digital marketing management, your budget, your audience, your strategy, and whether you’re using paid ads or not. Regardless, it’s important to remember that digital marketing is a continual process. So give your new digital marketing efforts some time to take effect. That’s how you’ll know if things are working as planned.


How to design business website?
Many startup businesses don't know about how business website essential. So they are confusing how to start web presence & website should be. Here some tips to start your first business website.
1. Purpose for website: Every business website has a different purpose. Some want to sale online, some just want to promote and sale offline and some just wants web presence. Some have fix pages to provide information about business & some keep changing or add content regularly to get orders or wants subscribers. A website without a clear purpose will give nothing back.
2. Write down content: What you want to say through a website is you know more than anyone else. Even if you plan to hire someone to edit your written content, you can write basic matter. Don’t write too long or too short. If your site is informative and providing knowledge about specific subject, then go ahead with lots of relevant content. If purpose of the site is selling or providing information about your services then content should be up to the point.
3. Think about future growth: When you plan your first website, consider future growth. Even if you start with basic website think how future rework on site can be an easy or supportive platform are good and latest for future growth.
4. Choosing designing company: Thousands of web designing company & freelancers in market so it's difficult to select best for the company. Ask for reference to nearby people, check portfolio & service offered by designing company. Don't go for cheap pricing or offerings because may be such website not at all helpful for your business. For big website you need a reliable company who can provide regular service & best solution.
5. Stay away from free themes or cheap hosting: Many small companies use free website themes / templates and cheap hosting for their website but they aren’t as secure and reliable as those you purchase.
6. Insist on responsive site (devices compatible / mobile site): No matter what type of website you decide, make sure that the site itself is responsive or mobile friendly. Having a site that isn’t mobile optimized can drive away customers, hurt your SEO and look unprofessional.
7. SEO must for website: SEO is a concept you’ll have to keep in mind throughout the entirety of running your website. Good SEO helps to rank your website on top in major search engines and also helps people to easily find you online.
How to choose website designing company?
Whether you are a small or big company looking for the best website design company, look for a web design firm which can offer affordable web design solutions as per your business requirements. Even you may get better services from small web design companies at cheap rates. It is very important that you get the maximum value for the money you spend.
1. They must have there site and portfolio: Visit their website and check there expertise & portfolio to judge whether they capable to handle your website work. Ask for current active websites links.
2. Decide your budget: If you have limited budget then ask for pricing from different web designing companies and select the best match to your budget.
3. They have their own ideas: It's important for your designer to understand you, it is also important that he/she must not be a Yes-man. As an expert he must suggest better ideas for your work.
4. Ask for future updation policy: May be you need regular changes in website content. Get an idea about pricing they offer to update sections of your website.
5. Website backup: Check whether they providing website back up once your site are active. In future if you are not comfortable to work with them you must have a website backup to reactivate somewhere else otherwise you need to spend hard earned money again to develop new website.
6. Check the support system: While they are working on your project, check their response time, how they handle your questions to decide whether your project in the right person's hand.

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